gelato pique


gelato pique

"Dessert for grown-ups"...

The brand is happily creating relaxing clothing that makes you comfortable
and is fit to your lifestyle, as "fashion in the room."
"Sweets to wear," to stimulate your room for a dessert,
affordably priced like a dessert, is for all the women like you.

"moco moco", the standard material of gelato pique.
The light, fluffy fabric is incredibly soft,
definitely an unforgettable experience.
The smooth feel on the skin is just like a "smoothie" melting in your mouth.
The slightly thinner texture is another unique point.
With the same fluffy and moco moco feel,
a water absorbent quick-dry function has been added,
quickly absorbing pers-piration to leave a silky touch.
Heat-retaining was the main focus in creating this material.
The warm fluffiness and pleasant bounce is exactly like its namesake, "souffle".
The moco moco lineup with water absorbent quick-dry functionality.
The airy, light and soft feel promises pleasant dreams.

Maintenance tips for moco moco wear

Dry cleaning is best recommended.
Thoroughly dissolve neutral detergent in warm water (30°C) for hand-washing.
Turn the garment inside out, then fold, and immerse in washing water
Press down and lightly knead the garment with hands about 20 times on each side.
To wring out, spin-dry for about 1 minute.
Reshape and lay the garment flat out to dry in the shade.